05 June 2009

New blog

Just in case you didn't know, we have a new blog. Click here for it.


Just before we left the Czech Republic Lida, a good friend of ours came to visit. For our wedding they had planted a cherry tree. This was the first harvest...

Saying goodbye

We have been saying goodbye to many friends and things over the last few weeks. 

We said goodbye to our car by selling it. Apart from a few problems (losing brakes!) it has been a really good car for us and gave us a lot of freedom to travel and see friends. 

We also said goodbye to the people we had been staying with at Vystice. We had breakfast with them on Sunday morning and then travelled in to church.

At the Sunday service they said Happy Birthday to James... with a Panda... We had communion and a fellowship meal with our Czech church. We have really good friends there, so it was sad to say goodbye. We also met up with Marcel and Lenka (they had stayed with us while they were homeless). It was sad to see them go, especially for Almut. We pray that they would come to know Christ.

Pavel (the field leader) then drove us to Prague, we had a brief tour around Prague and flew out... rather late. Goodbye Czech Republic. We hope to see you soon and we pray the gospel would be increasingly proclaimed and accepted as Good News.

Packing and clearing out

We sold our sofa to Martin, who I had lived with. So he came and picked it up on Friday with his father. 

Considering all the moving Alex was really helpful with packing! He hardly took anything out of boxes!

Birthday party

Alex went to Joachim's birthday party just before we left the Czech Republic. Alex really enjoyed the cake! 

In Hungary

Just before we left the Czech Republic we took time out to have a holiday and meet friends that we knew through OM. 

Joska and Sandi are an American couple who have been in Hungary several years. They work in a small village near Lake Balaton. They helped us when our car broke down. We drove from the Czech Republic to Hungary. The car was fine pretty much the whole way until the end and then it started working like it just before when it broke down before (driving out without brakes isn't fun). So we contacted them since they live nearish where we were staying for our holiday. They found for us a good mechanic... who actually fixed the problem, unlike the last one in the Czech Republic... We also visited them at their house. Alex and I had a trip on Joska's tractor.

We also visited the Edwards. Matthew is another American (he was at our wedding playing the drums) and Melinda is Hungarian. It was great to see them and see their ministry. Alex had a great time with their boys!

02 June 2009

In England

I will be posting a few more entries on this blog about our time in the Czech Republic, but to follow what we are doing in England, click here.

26 May 2009

Slowly finishing up

We sold our car yesterday and handed in our work keys. The rest of the week we will be packing.

We saw yesterday Lenka. She had stayed with us for a while with her son. Almut is going to see her on Wednesday and say goodbye...

Its all slowly coming to an end here... 

21 May 2009

10 days to go

We are just back from holiday and now the countdown has begun. In ten days time we will be moving to Tranmere near Liverpool to work with the Anglican Church there. We will be working with Darren Moore (former curate at All Saints, Peckham) and helping plant a church.

We have a new blog. Click here to see.

12 May 2009

On holiday

We are on holiday for the next 7 or so days, then we come back and pack! We leave the Czech Republic on the 31st of May.

Alex photos

House group weekend away

The first weekend in May we had a house group weekend away... Well actually we stayed in the house of one of the house group families. It was a great weekend of fellowship, reading the word and relaxing. We just didn't get enough sleep. We will miss this house group; it has been such a blessing.

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